Sex Predators to Pay for Costs of Voyeurism and Resulting Crimes

Human Trafficking Child Exploitation Prevention Act to Slam Prison Doors and Rescue Victims

Austin, Texas (February 24, 2017) – Texas Representative James White, District 19 has sponsored the most comprehensive and technologically advanced anti-human misery bill that has pundits and experts encouraged, because it deals head-on with the global-local plight known as human trafficking.

The Human Trafficking Child Exploitation Act HB2266 (already reviewed and vetted by 14 other states) was filed into the legislative roster this week at the Texas Capitol and promises to deal with an age-old national pandemic of human bondage in the sex trade.

Tex Christopher, CEO of Tex Christopher Studios, Fred Goerges, CEO of Houston Young Professionals, and Aubrey Surovick, CEO of SimplyAubrey, Inc. rallied business leaders, local and national politicians and like-minded groups focused on curtailing this major societal collapse.

Their work marries the genius of the bill that takes advantage of legislation already on the books and backed by the Supreme Court case law, advances in handheld devices and computer technology, and builds-in manufacturer and store front community standards to usher in the digital fingerprints that will disrupt illegal street behavior and put predators behind bars.

“It is already common knowledge the root of the problem in human trafficking, rapes and molestation cases is pornography,” says Tex Christopher, “We want to take the pornography seeds out of the soil and rescue lives before travesty hits our families and our communities.”

“All electronics devices shipped into Texas will require adults to remove a digital filter for a fee to have access to pornography and opt-in to the accountability zone that comes with predictive behavior and resulting crime for the mentally and behaviorally  affected,” says Tex Christopher, “If you do the crime, you will definitely do the time with this bill.”

Estimated funding for victim rehabilitation will range from $54M to $300M that comes directly from users of pornography.
“The number one tool used by Sex Trafficking criminals is internet pornography for the grooming, recruiting and selling of women and children,” says Mr. Goerges.

“The proposed statute will generate revenue for our state to help rehabilitate victims and provide funding to support groups who are rescuing young children and adults who are coerced and kidnapped into a vile trade in America,” says Tex Christopher, “Texas Penal Code 43.21 restricts obscene material in our states making it illegal for teens to have access to pornography on retail shelves and viewing a movie rated R in theaters. Our citizens will now benefit from the restriction of digital content that feeds deviancy acts that leads to crime and the resulting law will provide for due process and prosecution of sexual offenders.”

“As a mother, I want to do all I can to protect the eyes, hearts and minds of the next generation,” says Aubrey Surovick.

To read the proposed bill and get more details regarding this advancement in tracking and identifying predators and purveyors of human misery, please visit:



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