Tex Christopher Out and About Town – June Update

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It has been a busy spring/summer and things are heating up. The $150M movie slate is gearing up for the fall as detailed in Tex’s vision. The momentum will bring jobs to Texas and begin the multi-billion dollar infrastructure it will take to continue with quality productions and business growth for our emerging market(s).

Tex Christopher has recently organized several big meetings and events to rally the music and entertainment business for economic development in our state, with a reach across America and into international markets. In case you missed it, here is a bullet point recap:

  • The Texas Veterans Museum ($750M) www.TheVeteransMuseumInTexas.org
  • Numerous radio and TV appearances (i.e., Doc Greene, Price of Business, Bill Knapik, EBC Broadcast, KVUE, and more to come)
  • Boxing Champ David Rodriguez Event, Machine Gun Preacher, Defenders Martial Arts Academy, Crawfish Boil Fundraiser to help fight human trafficking
  • Business round tables for music and film
  • Individual meetings and dinners with business leaders and community leaders
  • Texas Capitol presence
  • Attending several Houston Film Industry Meet-ups organized by Norman Ray Fitts
  • Upcoming events for the summer (don’t miss them)
  • And More!

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