Tex Christopher, CEO

Headshot of TexTex Christopher has over 25 years of professional political successes, business leadership, entrepreneurship and corporate growth accomplishments.  He has served his local, state and national alliances well.

In corporate America, as CEO, he managed a team of 500 insurance professionals to train over 50,000 licensed agents in Health and Life Insurance coverages in the health sector and was a regarded health care expert, and was asked to dissect our national healthcare system in early 2000 which brought him before many major industry leaders and politicians grappling with the proposed nationalized healthcare agenda under Hillary Clinton which was soundly defeated. In addition, as CEO, he also worked with a team of 432 to instruct 40,000 Tax Attorneys and CPA’s with the financial crisis in America at the turn of the century.

He was on the forefront leading 5,000 employees in energy deregulation in the state of Texas and helped solve many problems for the city and state, assisted veterans programs that are now duplicatable across the country, and defeated the HERO Ordinance in Houston (taken to the Texas Supreme Court) which jeopardized families in our communities. He is currently working on major legislation to take Texas off the #1 list for the sex trade.

His leadership with Tex Christopher Studios is creating a doorway to the next seismic shift from Hollywood to Texas that is currently underway and the state of Texas is very hopeful with current developments, starting with a focus on the East Side of Houston and the resulting economic development zones and tourism impact in our major cities. More importantly, he is a leader with vision and a sought after professional speaker, inspiring over 1.5 million Americans.

Lastly, Mr. Christopher is a statesman who stands up for his country with proven results and makes an impact in the community with a focus for economic growth – creating jobs and helping people are his passions.  He stands for righteousness and being a voice for the voiceless.  Tex Christopher is a leader’s leader and our U.S. Congress representative has recently recognized his accomplishments with the launching of Tex Christopher Studios.

Joanna Sanchez, Vice President of Talent (Hollywood, CA)

Joanna RedJoanna Sanchez is an established actress, producer and acting coach. She has appeared on Broadway and Off Broadway, and has done numerous television and film roles.

She has become an ambassador of sorts, ushering in her network of key leaders into the Texas market and has amassed a slate of productions to benefit many.

She has starred in “The League” which aired on FXX and guest stars on MTVs “Awkward”.  Her latest films include “Bad Hurt” from the producer of “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Eternity”.

Her many television credits include guest-starring roles on “ER”, “NYPD Blue”, “Always Sunny in Philadelphia”,  “So Notorious”,  “Strong Medicine”,  “The Sarah Silverman Show”, and “Mad About You”.

Her film credits include “The Confidant”. “Up Close and Personal”, “Conspiracy Theory”, “Hawaiian Gardens”, “187”, and “Removal”.

She has participated in productions and projects with Mel Gibson, Robert Redford, Dustin Hoffman, Michelle Pfieffer, Danny Devito, Mike Rowe (“Dirty Jobs”), Erik Estrada, and others.

Recently, Joanna produced a short film called “Burnt”, which won Best Drama at The Gulf Coast Film Festival and is currently working on developing a feature film based on this short and Co-executive and Produced “The Acting Coach” which screens at WorldFest Film Festival in Houston in April.  She has also worked on the soon to be released motion picture “To the Bone” by award-winning producer Frank Ava.

She has worked with actors in Europe, New York LA, and around the country.

Joanna believes that dreams are made in Hollywood everyday and has helped many actors, directors, and producers to achieve their own success.

Gregory Fawcett, Vice President of Distribution


Gregory Fawcett (Cinespots, VP), graduated with a B.A. from prestigious Dramatic Arts program at University of Southern California. Mr. Fawcett has 25-years-experience as a respected actor, producer, writer. Currently, at Cinespots Release Company and Pre-show Entertainment, Gregory as VP is in-charge-of Entertainment Relations Content Development.




Randolf “Randy” Turrow, Vice President of Budget and Finance

Randy TurrowRandolf Turrow, pga/dga (Producer/Unit Production Manager) began his career in the ubiquitous ‘mail room’ of International Creative Management (ICM), and has gone on to be recognized by his peers as both an outstanding PGA Producer/Line Producer and DGA Unit Production Manager.

Mr. Turrow’s early work at the visual effects/CGI firm, Shockwave, included projects such as Titanic and Starship Troopers where Turrow learned the technical background necessary to manage VFX productions. Further, from creating budgets for Sony’s VP of Production to working with iconic filmmakers including John Huston, George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and James Cameron as well as producing Adam Sandler’s and Billy Bob Thorton’s first feature to MTV’s #1 music videos and TV shows.

Turrow has repeatedly demonstrated his management as well as consulting skills to both simplifying complex projects to an appropriate budget, including his ability to enable smaller projects as to merit perceived enhanced production value. A creator of forward thinking financing and – 10 – incentives plans for the new transmedia platforms, Turrow utilizes this invaluable expertise for producing independent motion pictures marrying both financial and creative centrics.

Giving heartily to his industry, Turrow has served as a member of the DGA Western Council, as former Chair of the DGA UPM/AD Mentor Committee and participated on both their UPM and Visual Effects Committee. He is as well, a winner of the DGA’s Council Award for Special Service and served on several committees at the Producers Guild including its FilmUSA Committee.

As an Award Winning Producer, Mr. Turrow’s motion pictures have both received recognition and appeared in many acclaimed film festivals both domestic and international including: Sundance, Palm Springs, Mill Valley, Santa Barbara, USA, South-By-Southwest, Seattle, New Hampshire, Main, Florida, Hampton’s, Chicago, Malibu, Berlin, Cannes, Seoul and Toronto. Randy is married; with his home in Malibu, CA.